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Luxembourg Cybersecurity Market Study

364 members The Luxembourg cybersecurity ecosystem includes 311 companies, 40 public bodies and 13 organizations.
84 pure players Companies listed as cybersecurity "pure players" have an average of 19 employees and a median of 3.
€7,5 M average profit For the 60 companies whose financial statements were available for the fiscal year 2022, we found an average profit of €7.5M, but only a median of €0.012M.
86.4% notice an increase in cyber attacks According to our survey, 45.5% of cybersecurity service providers believe the number of cyber attacks has risen sharply, while 40.9% think the increase has been slight. Additionally, 13.6% of respondents are unsure.

Key Insights

The 2023 Luxembourg Cybersecurity Market Study, conducted by the National Cybersecurity Competence Center (NC3) and Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity (LHC), offers an in-depth analysis of Luxembourg’s cybersecurity landscape. Over the past two decades, Luxembourg has significantly advanced its cybersecurity infrastructure, aligning with OECD guidelines and establishing itself as a key global player. The report highlights Luxembourg’s strong performance in the Global Cybersecurity Index and the need for continued improvements in organizational measures.
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