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Cybersecurity Market Intelligence

In order to evaluate the alignment between solution providers and the market demand, the NC3 is conducting regular market research with key partners. Here is the library of all published reports.

A comprehensive market study on SME's cybersecurity needs

In today's digital era, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a double-edged sword. They significantly contribute to employment and GDP but are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats due to limited resources.

From freelancers using third-party services to mid-sized firms with in-house IT, SMEs share a heightened susceptibility to cyber risks. Cybersecurity readiness across SMEs is far from uniform, influenced by size, funding, and tech adoption levels. Amidst a digital push from European and Luxembourgish authorities, SMEs are adopting more complex technologies, increasing their exposure to potential cyberattacks. Given limited public and private investment in cybersecurity, this study aims to pinpoint crucial indicators to allocate resources effectively.

This needs assessment of SMEs represents the initial phase of a broader study focused on the national cybersecurity market. The goal is to evaluate the alignment between solution providers and their clientele. It is the fruit of collaboration between the Data For Research, Innovation, and Governance (D4RIG) team at the National Cybersecurity Competence Center of the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity, in partnership with the ABBL, the Chambre of Commerce, the Chamber of Trades, the Federation of Craftsmen, the FEDIL, the House of Entrepreneurship, the House of Startups and the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy.

Our research partners

The 2023 Luxembourg cybersecurity ecosystem study

The 2023 Luxembourg Cybersecurity Market Study, conducted by the National Cybersecurity Competence Center (NC3) and Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity (LHC), offers an in-depth analysis of Luxembourg’s cybersecurity landscape. Over the past two decades, Luxembourg has significantly advanced its cybersecurity infrastructure, aligning with OECD guidelines and establishing itself as a key global player. The report highlights Luxembourg’s strong performance in the Global Cybersecurity Index and the need for continued improvements in organizational measures.

The study emphasizes the CYBERSECURITY Luxembourg initiative, launched in 2019 to foster public-private cooperation and enhance sector visibility through comprehensive mapping and an interactive dashboard. It reveals a dynamic ecosystem driven by digital transformation, IoT, and emerging cyber risks, with a focus on diverse revenue-generating activities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners, including the Chamber of Commerce, Conostix, Excellium, Innov’ICTion, #Mans, Telindus, and other contributing organizations. Special thanks to the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg and colleagues at the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity for their invaluable support. Your contributions have been essential to the success of this study.

Our research partners
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